Visiting the Colosseum with Jack in June of 2015

My name is Laura Disharoon and I am a food-lover, explorer, dedicated planner, and logistics goddess. I started this blog as a way to document my dining and travel experiences, as well as tips and lessons I’ve learned along the way. It is intended as a guide for those in pursuit of adventure and good food, as well as a forum for others to share their tips with me. My hope is that this blog will inspire people to explore and taste their way through this beautiful and delicious world we live in!

I currently reside in San Francisco, one of the best destinations for food-lovers in the world. While this blog is dedicated to the world at large, I also plan to share recommendations and reviews of restaurants right here in the City by the Bay, as well as the surrounding areas (Healdsburg, Sonoma, Carmel, etc).

In addition to travel, food, and wine, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jack, and our black labrador, Missy. I also enjoy reading, listening to NPR and podcasts, attending live shows and concerts, visiting museums, and walking aimlessly around this great city. I should also share that my day job is as a registered dietitian; however, for the purposes of this blog, I will leave my dietitian’s hat at the door and focus solely on travel and dining. Bon appétit et bon voyage!

Sweet Missy

Acknowledgements: website design by my brother Mike Disharoon – thank you for donating your time and expertise. Logo design by Daor Design – you were a pleasure to work with. Thank you to my dear friend Kandice Garcia for helping me come up with the name “Dish & Room” on our epic trip to Barcelona in 2015. And many thanks to my husband Jack Melkonian for being the best travel companion there is!